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Dear camping lovers,

We would like to briefly introduce you to the updated look of our brochure for 2021. So far, we have published the "Camping" brochure every year with new prices and current offers, but the challenging 2020 has hindered us in our plans. Due to the situation with the coronavirus epidemic, we were unable to distribute the planned edition of the brochure (due to the cancellation of fairs,lockdown, and fewer guests in the campsites) and, due to the environmental aspect, we decided to use last year's edition with the addition of current, this year's prices. Prompted by the current situation, we decided to leave the prices identical to the previous year with a small change of dates - the so-called "Frozen prices".

* Rental of mobile homes and caravans of the Gebetsroither agency: All information regarding the availability and prices of Gebetsroither accommodation units can be found on the website:

** We reserve the right of possible differences between the printed promotional materials and the actual offer, due to the impossibility of predicting how the situation will develop before the start of the summer season. Our web page is regularly updated with news and the current situation, and at any moment represents the correct offer of our group.

You can download the brochure here:

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