Awards and certificates

Environmental Management System 14001 and Quality Management System 9001

In accordance with the Management Board's decision of October 12, 2006 Jadranka Group and all Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. campsites launched the implementation of EMS according to ISO 14001:2004, which together with the implemented QMS according to ISO 9001:2000 constitutes our Integrated Quality Management System.

The Quality and Environmental Management System has been established and maintained in a way that employees on all levels, with the Management Board at the helm, have an obligation to abide by laws and other binding rules and regulations, recognize and meet the requirements and desires of buyers, prevent environmental pollution, protect the health and safety of people and manage natural resources responsibly acting in accordance with the established procedures and assigned responsibilities and continuously enhancing the efficiency of procedures and business processes.

Our mission

To ensure our clients enjoy all the comforts of home in pleasant and healthy living conditions, by providing quality and environmentally friendly hotel, camping and commercial and food production services.

Our vision

To be the most innovative organization in the industry in the Istra and Kvarner region, known in Croatia and throughout the world for adopting the best available business practices and embracing environmental protection as a key principle.


In 2011 Jadranka Group and Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. acquired EMS recertification according to ISO 14001:2004 and QMS recertification according to ISO 9001:2008.

Croatia's best campsite 2010 - 2018

This quality project aims to create a better camp product with a special brand that will guarantee quality to guests. Camp Slatina is included among the “best Croatian camps” because of its quality of sanitary facilities, camping, supply, entertainment and sports. It is awarded to campsites which meet set quality standards within a defined rating system split into four categories: sanitary facilities, accommodation units, catering and trade offers and leisure facilities. The prize is awarded by the Camping Association of Croatia (KUH). 

Certificate of excellence - TripAdvisor 2017

A certificate of excellence related to the quality, quantity and latest reviews received from guests. 

Inova camp 2016

This prize is awarded to camps that stand out with their exceptional creativity and ideas. that is, camps that can find innovative ways of introducing content and services that with their purpose, appearance, and function stand out from the standard camping offer. In 2016 Camp Slatina receives this award for the project "Camping cum cane", a project intended to improve the life of camp guests who own a dog and those who do not.

ADAC Yellow Board 2011 and 2012 

ADAC Yellow Board is awarded to campsites with excellent scores in the most recent grading of sanitary facilities and pitches. The campsite has to win 4 or 5 stars for the quality of sanitary facilities and at least 3 for pitches. These criteria encompass two basic categories that are crucial for the guest's perception of the campsite. The status is awarded for one year in order to stimulate campsites to continuously invest efforts to maintain the highest level of quality. In order to earn the status, campsites have to meet the strict criteria of ADAC and get positive reviews from their guests.
Camp Slatina is the only campsite on Cres to win the prestigious ADAC Yellow Board in 2011 and 2012. In addition to excellent reviews in the guide, ADAC mentions Camp Slatina as a campsite that has made significant headway in the quality of amenities and offerings and gives special mention to the Innovative Project Award Slatina won in 2008 from ADAC for the "Camping Cum Cane" pilot project.

ADAC Camping Caravanning Award 2008

ADAC awards special awards to campsites that go beyond the classical range of products and services and offer special solutions, attractions or future-oriented concepts. In addition to special concepts and solutions, standards that have to be met to win the Yellow Board are clean and modern sanitary facilities and pitches. Professor Ekard Lind from Austria and Camp Slatina Management have been awarded for their innovative project called "Camping Cum Cane"; it is built around the concept of achieving harmonious co-existence between dog owners and non-owners. In 2007 Camp Slatina on the Croatian island of Cres launched a successful implementation of the project and became established as a campsite that follows new developments in the camping industry.

Primorsko jedro 2008 (Adriatic sail)

Camp Slatina is a winner of Beach Cleanliness and Amenities Award "Slatina" in the Nicest Beach in the Kvarner Region category.

SITEO: French award for innovative environmental protection ideas

Camp Slatina has added another European award to its collection. At the Lyon tourism fair held in October 2008 Camp Slatina was awarded SITEO for the "Camping cum cane" project (co-existence of dog owners and non-owners) and implementation of ISO 14001 for environmental protection.