Boat excursions from Martinšćica

M/B Alan

Visit the Blue Cave (Modra Špilja) – an especially interesting attraction for nature lovers, situated next to the one of the most beautiful beaches on island of Cres & even Croatia – beach Sv. Ivan below village Lubenice. Sv. Ivan Beach is very often mentioned as one of top beaches in Croatia. 

Info: every evening on boat in Martinšćica harbour

Rent a boat Slatina

In our camp you have the possibility of renting a boat and discovering numerous hidden bays in the campsite surroundings.

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Organized excursions on land

Tajne Cresa (eng. The Secrets of Cres)

Set off to explore the island of Cres with one of the organized excursions and discover your adventurous spirit and the thrills of Cres. Excursions are organized at your request and according to your stay – they are adapted to you, so explore the island with expert guide in a entertaining and different way. 

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Walking, cycling... 

The island of Cres has many promenades just waiting to be explored. On bike or on foot, there are numerous cultural landmarks waiting for you to discover them. 

Interesting to mention is that there are no poisonous snakes anywhere on the island of Cres. According to a legend, St. Gaudens cursed them so there aren’t any on Lošinj & Cres either today.  

Hiking enthusiasts can choose between many routes across the island of Cres. Enjoy walking around the island and inhale some fresh air filled with the aromas of over 1200 different plant species growing on the Cres-Lošinj Archipelago. 

Here are some of our recommendations for independent walking tours: 
  1. Cres – Sv. Salvadur – Gavza Bay – Sv. Blaž
    Track length: 12 km, 3 hrs, medium-difficulty track
  2. Sv. Salvadur – Gavza Bay – Cres
    Track length: 3.3 km, 1.30 hrs, medium-difficulty track
  3. Cres – Merag
    Track length: 4.5 km, 1.30 hrs, medium-difficulty track
  4. Cres – Krčina – Loznati – Cres
    Track length: 12 km, 3 hrs, medium-difficulty track
  5. Cres – Nedomišlje – Valun
    Track length: 12 km, 3 hrs, medium-difficulty track

Since, Cres & Lošinj are islands connected with a draw bridge, and total in length cca 100 km from north to south, island of Lošinj is also great for many exploration hikes. You can see map of Lošinj promenades & footpaths here »

Zip Line Beli

At a height of 35 metres above sea level, the Zip Line Beli is an adventure not to be missed! Fly over the sea just like the Griffon vultures and enjoy the panoramic view of small harbours and olive groves. Give it and try!

More info: + 385 95 812 3828
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