Food and drink

Camp Slatina is located in wonderful surroundings of Mediterranean greenery of the island of Cres. The Mediterranean cuisine of the Cres and Lošinj islands offers rich, diverse and healthy nutrition. Try some of the island specialties while staying here and discover many great flavors. The island cuisine is characterized by plenty of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish and seafood. All this combined makes our cooking healthy.
Experience unforgettable gastro moments with a magnificent sea view and tasty dishes available at restaurant Žal on the very shore in Slatina Bay. Try some island specialties such as the famous Cres lamb with potatoes, noodles with seafood and numerous fish dishes prepared in the Mediterranean style with superior Cres olive oil. All this should be accopmanied by a glass of wine coming, for example, from the neighboring island of Susak.

In addition to restaurant Žal, the gastro offer of camp Slatina includes pizzeria Slatina where you can try tasty pizzas, pasta and fish. The pizzeria organizes live music nights so you will also have an opportunity to dance a little. While on the beach during the day, have a refreshing drink at the Timun Bar or the Tropicana Bar next to the grocery store after you finish swimming.

Enjoy delicious meals with a view of the crystal clear Adriatic and experience unforgettable sunsets in the evening in a bar or restaurant within Camp Slatina.
Grocery Store Offer
If you choose to make a culinary delicacy yourself, you can buy all you need in the camp. The camp has a grocery store with an extensive offer of fresh fruits and vegetables. Next to the store is a stand offering daily fresh fish.

Gastro offer within the camp:
  • Restaurant Žal 
  • Pizzeria Slatina
  • Timun Bar
  • Tropicana Bar
Groceries stores:
  • Camp store – open 19 April to 01 October
  • Daily fresh fish stand – open 1 June to 15 September