To make your stay even more enjoyable, we would like to point to some useful information.
Check-in (registration)
When entering the camp, you have to check in at the reception desk. Please, have your ID or passport ready. Every non-registered person found in the camp will pay the fine of 750,00 kn.
Where to pitch your tent
Choose the position yourself, but respect the others when doing so. Put up the number you received when registering in a visible place, and the parking card somewhere on the windshield, so it stays visible during your stay in the camp. This card must be shown every time you enter in the camp with the car.
If you lose a number or a key, we will be forced to fine you according to our price list.
Numbered spots can be taken only with the agreement of the reception.
Use electricity only for small appliances. Usage of electrical cooker or barbeques is not allowed. To plug in or turn off from electricity is possible only with the assistance of the responsible personnel.
You can rent a cooling cupboard (frigo box), and of course keep it clean and tidy and not lose the key. The temperature of the cooling boxes is +5 degrees, therefore meat and fish cannot be kept inside.
Slient time
During nighttimes from 12 p.m. till 07 a.m. no noise is allowed in the camp. If you arrive in the camp after 12 p.m. you may use our parking lot to spend the night.
During this silent time (after 12 p.m.) no traffic is allowed in the camp. Radio and TV sets, musical instruments, laud singing and shouting are not allowed.
Traffic in the camp
The speed limit for the motor vehicles inside the camp is 20 km/h.
Please obey the camp and campsite hygiene rules.
Collect your rubbish in plastic bags and don't leave them outside the trash collectors, which are situated by the sanitary facilities. Leave the sanitary facilities you have used, the way you would like to find them next morning. Washing dishes and clothes is allowed only in the specified areas.
Before you leave the campsite make sure it is in the same state as you have found it. Be aware of the nature, don't destroy the vegetation and don't hammer nails into trees. Don't close or obstruct with tents or vehicles the beach accessing pathways.
Dog owners
Dogs must be kept on leash 24 hours. Only in marked areas are dogs allowed to be taken to the beach and swim. Use the specially designated paths for walking your dog and clean up after your dog. 
Boat owners have to report their vessels at the harbour-master's office in Cres or Losinj.
You are not allowed to use motorboats inside the 200-metre area from the coast (beach), use the paddles at the lowest speed.
Usage of jet-skis is strictly forbidden.
Washing cars and boats is not allowed.
Regular mail deliveries on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, except holidays. You can collect your mail at the reception desk or in the post office in Martinšćica.
Because of the imminent danger of fire, it is strictly forbidden to light fires.
By caring you become a part of the protection from the fire programme: extinguish the cigarette but before throwing it away, don't throw lit matches, and extinguish the candle before going to sleep.
It is forbidden to bring in the campsite articles of an inflammable or explosive nature.
First aid
You can receive the first aid in Martinšćica.
You can deposit all your valuables (money, jewellery) in the safe at the reception desk. Camp management takes no responsibilities for the valuables left inside the tents or campers.
Please report all lost and found items at the reception desk.
Day-time visitors have to check in at the reception desk and pay the regular entrance fee according to our price list. For longer stay visitors are charged as guests.
Payment and departure
You can pay and check out on the day of your departure, or the day before, during cashiers working hours. Please return the key and the campsite number when paying the bill.
Please leave camping grounds till 1 p.m. on your last day or we will be forced to charge for another full day.


We hope that you'll have a pleasant stay in our camp, if you have any complaints please write them down in the "Book of complaints" or "Guestbook
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