Camping Cum Cane (CCC) or literally ‘camping with the dog’ is a program designed for our guests who are going on vacation with their dog with the goal of spreading views on joint activities and opportunities that is, having an active holiday involving learning instead of lying in the sun.

The program «Camping Cum Cane» led by a licensed dog trainer, aims at presenting the dog owners (that is, our guests) with the responsibility that lies with them and their dogs, but also towards other campsite guests. The main objective of the project is to respect your own, but also someone else's space.
The relationship between the owner and the dog will be built trough play and the dogs will acquire new and improve their obedience skills. For the braver ones, it is possible to pass the «Camping Cum Cane test» in our campsite. Training sessions take place at full intensity for 6 days, at an agreed time and duration of 30-60 minutes with a trainer. 

Below is some information from Camp Slatina's dog trainer, Dragan Sanković, which you may find useful.


Parkour is a natural method of body development with the aim of moving in a fast, safe and efficient / effective way using not only your body but also the mind. Parkour method gives the possibility of crossing physical, but also mental barriers no matter where they are located. The emphasis is on efficiency rather than on aesthetics.
Parkour is not invented, because such movement through the surroundings has always existed, but in time has slowly formed in order to safely, quickly and efficiently get from point A to point B. Parkour is not competitive. Each person or animal moves differently and overcomes obstacles in different ways.

Benefits for dog owners

I like to say, 'The best dog is a tired dog!'
It implies it is important to meet his needs, but in line with your schedule: movement = walking, playing, feeding, cuddling, determining different tasks. With a little good will and professional assistance, you will enjoy your vacation carefree.
Mental stimulation as well as physical exercise exhausts any dog. Therefore, we have designed the program «Camping Cum Cane» and hired a dog trainer to awaken your dog’s senses, provide more exercise for them and the maximum freedom possible, and you as the owners, more carefree stay at the campsite Slatina.

Coexistence of campsite guests with dogs with the ones without dogs

Dog owners, campsite guests who bring their pets on vacation, have more responsibilities from other guests – whether towards their four-legged friend or other guests of the campsite who (at the time) have no pets of their own.
The aim and the mission is to respect each other and the space we currently live in. The program «Camping Cum Cane» will present certain rules to dog owners, teach them how to avoid unpleasant situations with other dogs and guests of the campsite, and make sure that everyone enjoys their vacation to the maximum.

Dog training equipment

All equipment is handmade of iron, concrete and wood in order to be long-lasting and immobile, except insofar as necessary when performing exercises. The following equipment is mounted for the purpose of performing exercises:
  • jumps
  • tunnel
  • see-saw
  • suspension bridge
  • log bridge
  • suspended obstacles
  • climbing frame
The exercise equipment is arranged from the less demanding to more challenging ones. Some pieces of equipment are not static, such as jumps, thus it is possible to use the equipment in different order. 
All exercises require physical, but also mental strength. Your four-legged friend will do exercises and overcome obstacles with the support of you, the owner, and a dog trainer who is at your disposal during your stay in the Slatina campsite.
Dragan Sanković
Dog Day d.o.o.
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