We are all familiar with the saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. We don’t know if your dog is your best friend, but we do know that a dog often becomes part of the family. And when the family goes on a holiday, the entire family goes, including your dog.

A camping holiday for your dog as well as your family!

AN OFFER WITHIN THE PROJECT "CAMPING CUM CANE®" - dog trainer free of charge

In summer months, usually between July 1st and September 18th, a dog trainer will be at your service - free of charge.

The ‘Camping cum cane®’ project facilitates the coexistence of campers who are dog owners and those who are not. Find out more in the section below. In addition to all the benefits of the project ‘Camping cum cane®‘, the campsite will provide a dog trainer at an off-leash area. This area is equipped with dog agility equipment (parkour).

The training program will take place as follows:

  1. 6-day group training session
  2. Individual training with education and sports
  3. Assistance with training on the equipment

Training sessions will take place every day in the morning and late afternoon, but the dog trainer will also be available in between sessions. Also, if you have problems with your dog's behaviour, you can contact the dog trainer. Check available dates for individual training session at the campsite's reception.

In addition to the training sessions, activities such as dog presentations and competitions (jumping into the water, the most beautiful dog, running on a leash, sprint racing, free presentation) will be organized.

Read what our dog trainer Lucija has to say about the Camping cum cane program »

Camp Slatina on the island of Cres has recognized that guests like to go camping with their dogs and has paid attention to this fact. In 2007, the camp implemented the 'Camping cum cane®' (Camping with Dogs) project. Camp Slatina is the first camp in Europe to implement such a project, which has been, according to guests’ responses, a real hit.

The 'Camping cum cane®' Project

The 'Camping cum cane®' project was designed by Professor Ekard Lind from Austria. The project was implemented to allow dog owners, dogs, and guests without dogs an easier coexistence in the camp.

According to the project the camp has full signage related to camping with dogs in place. Beaches and showers for dogs are marked with special signs and there are signs advising that dogs must be kept on a leash and that dog faeces must be removed and disposed of in designated containers.

Camping with dogs could be a whole new experience for you and your family, especially your pet. Campers like to camp because of the feeling of freedom and closeness with nature, and your dog will surely like it as well. With its 'Camping with Dogs' project, Camp Slatina is an ideal place for camping with a dog and the island of Cres provides the possibility of long walks with your dog across the island.

Writer Margery Facklam once said “We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. In return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made“. Therefore, your dog deserves to be taken on your holiday with you, so just do it – Camp Slatina is waiting for you, and your dog.


As a part of the Camping with dogs project, campsite Slatina has introduced another innovation – a dog grooming parlour and a visit by a veterinarian (available on request) 


Camping with your dog in Slatina

  • In the designated zones you can take your dogs with you to the beach where they too may swim.
  • Throughout the entire camp and surrounding roads and paths there are designated spacious zones for dog defecation which are equipped with bins for dog faeces and bags for faeces.
  • Dog owners may let their dogs run freely in fenced off fields in which dogs can play (former tennis courts).
  • The dog walking paths have been widened and improved.
  • You and your dogs are safe from all other dogs as all dogs are kept on a leash. In the period  from July 1 to September 18 the trainers are also at your disposal for individual questions.
  • Dog grooming parlour (during high season)
  • Dog vet – available on request

Click above or view the virtual tour of the whole campsite »

CCC signs you will find in the campsite:


CCC Zone

CCC Training

Short leash

Walking area

Long leash

Dog beach

Faeces disposal

Dog shower

Camp rules for dog owners

In the following text you will find the entry conditions for dog owners which are valid for the duration of your stay in the Camp Slatina. With you signature you state that you are in agreement with these provisions. Your signature is necessary for entry of your dog into the camp.

Identification obligation:

For the duration of its stay, throughout the entire camp area, surrounding roads, paths and beach, each dog must wear an identification tag. At the reception you will receive a dog tag for which you will have to pay 10.00 Euro if you lose or damage it.

Proof of vaccination:

Entry into the camp is only possible for dogs who have proof of vaccinations which are valid in Croatia.

Obligation of keeping on a leash:

All dogs without exception must be kept on a short leash (1.5 m) in the camp, surrounding roads, paths and beach. The obligation of keeping on a leash is also valid for guests riding bikes or jogging. In your camp plot or next to your caravan you must keep your dog on a leash so that he may not leave. On surrounding roads you can lead your dog on a retractable leash of 8 m in length. At the request of an approaching person you must keep your dog on a short leash. Please have in mind that the obligation of keeping a dog on a leash is legally stipulated on the entire Island of Cres. Mandatory keeping on a leash and safe keeping in the event of the temporary absence of the dog owner, for example in a kennel or caravan or mobile home, are very important.

Disposal of dog faeces:

Defecation is permitted only in selected, marked brown zones for defecation in the camp and around it or on the dog walking path. However, dog faeces must be collected everywhere, even on the dog walking path, with the aid of a bag for faeces which must be immediately after defecation placed in rubbish bins envisaged for this purpose. Bags for faeces must be tied in a knot. Dog owners must always have with them one or two bags for faeces. Thanks to the many bins placed around the camp this is easily done.

Beach and swimming:

Holding on the beach and swimming is permitted only in the yellow marked zones.


On the entire area of the camp the dog must be kept in such a manner so that long-lasting barking, growling, howling or disturbing behaviour does not reduce the quality of life of the other guests in the camp or dogs. Dogs constantly or barking threateningly at dogs or guests of the camp passing by may not be accepted in the camp! Night-time quiet – from 22.00 to 7.00 hours – must be abided.

Threatening behaviour:

Dogs exhibiting threatening behaviour towards people or other animals may not accommodated in the Camp Slatina. Attacking behaviour must be listed upon registration. In many cases help may possible through offered individual training at the location. The decision on controlled acceptance is made by the trainer together with camp management. In this context we would like to point out the right of the other guests of the camp to the greatest possible safety and undisturbed stay. Growling or showing of teeth which evokes fear is unacceptable in the camp.

Contact with other dogs:

When being approached by guests of the camp or other dog owners, your own dog must be held on a short leash. Both dog owners must consent to contact with other dogs, whether free, on a short or long leash.


The owner of shall bear full responsibility for his dog. He will be responsible for all damage caused by his dog.

Control, fines and expulsion from the camp:

A controller supervises whether the rules of the ‘Camping Cum Cane®‘ are being abided by. We kindly ask all other guests of the camp to report the breaching or overstepping of these rules. A fine of 30.00 € will be charged for every breach of the rules. With more serious breaches and repeated breaking of the rules expulsion from the camp will ensue. Reimbursement for the possible unused portion of payment is not possible.

Final word:

The ‘Camping Cum Cane®‘ project places at the disposal of dog owners special surrounding, adapted to their needs and desires. Here the offered infrastructure is unique and represents a historical step forward into the future.

On the other hand we expect that dog owners will behave responsibly, thoughtfully and fairly towards the other guests of the camp and each other. With this fair attitude, we can all ensure that everyone at camp Slatina fully enjoys their stay with us. The alternative can sometimes result in unintended consequences - find out more by reading how the ‘Camping cum Cane®‘ project can benefit all guests of camp Slatina.

If this programme suits you, we look forward to a visit by you and your dog.

However, if this programme is unacceptable to you or you only accept it partially, unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate you in our camp. This is first and foremost directed towards guests who have been coming here for years and maybe have not observed the changes or only wish to accept only some of them.

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