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q/ Is it possible to pay camp fee by VISA card at the place? Is there any ATM nearby?

JZ, 21.08.2012

a/ It is possible to pay with VISA. There is an ATM in nearby Martinšćica, 1 km away from the campsite.

Admin, 22.11.2012

q/ Does the refrigerator box stated in price calculator mean our own box or are there any refrigerators to rent in your campground? If so, what kind of refrigerator is it?

JZ, 15.08.2012

a/ Yes, you have your own box. They are located in campsite, near sanitary facilites. It's standard refrigirator.

Admin, 17.08.2012

q/ I would like to know if there are any empty space in the non - parcelled area and if it need to be booked before date of arrival ? (I would like to choose my destination camp on place as I am travelling from Poland) Regards, Michał Lutrosiński

ML, 16.07.2012

a/ There is no possibility of booking for a non-parcelled area, you search a place depending on the availability at the time. You can search for a place on your own ar with a help of our staff. Only parcelled pitches (Premium, Comfort and Standard) can be booked. 

Admin, 17.07.2012

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