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We’re coming next year again in Slatina! There are great hosts Elisabeth & Klaus and they are always available when someone has a problem. I like diving with Klaus the most, who does it perfectly and it is always fun. Kind regards, Annette

Jetzlsperger Julia, Germany, 7.9.2012.

Slatina is without exceptions a really great camp. We will come again this year

Kärtner, Austria, 9.6.2012.

I’m coming to Slatina now for 10 years and last year I was for the first time with my dog. It was a really wonderful holiday and we hope to repeat in the 2013th

Ulrike Knaus, Austria, 9.6.2012.

It’s always super in Slatina. Time, personnel, etc. Until September ...

Lucie & Harald, Germany, 15.9.2011.

We wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the whole Slatina team

Harald & Lucie, Germany, 22.12.2010.

It was once again beautiful in June/July. Campsite Slatina is wonderful. Regards from Wörthersee / Karten

Harald, Germany, 30.8.2010.

Hello dear people from Slatina. We’re coming to visit you in the summer. Last year my sons became friends with Pepi from Timun café and are interested whether Stephan is going to work again there this summer?

Julian, germany, 6.4.2010.

I want the whole Slatina team, including friends from Timun bar a Merry Christmas and a good entry into the new year. Already looking forward to my next vacation in the summer. I'll try to stay as long as possible

Dagmar, Germany, 17.12.2009.

Hi camp Slatina team! Again a great holiday with you. Everything went great. I'll be back in September. Greetings

Hohenberg, Germany, 27.9.2009.

We’re considering a vacation in Slatina in early June and mid-September, each of 2 weeks. Once again, a nice greeting, everything was beautiful in these 20 years. I look forward to next year

Harald Hohenberger, Germany, 27.9.2009.

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