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Hello dear people, again we spent a great holiday at campsite Slatina and want to go back right now, but unfortunately we have to wait until next year. Many thanks to all people, wherever we have been, they were nice and polite. Until next vacation, many greetings, Maria

Maria, Germany, 19.9.2007.

Hello dear campsite Slatina team! It was another great holiday with you it’s always great. We’re looking forward to October when we’re back. Greetings from Lucie & Harald

Harald, Germany, 15.9.2007.

Hello, I was naked in 2006 at Camp Badarin. Clean, very nice, quiet place. I look forward to June, I’m coming again.

Volker, Germany, 9.5.2007.

Hi dear camp Slatina team, this summer we have spent a great holiday in the camp and are looking forward to next summer. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. We wish you all a good time! Greetings until next year, Maria.

Maria, Germany, 27.10.2006.

Hey, it was a nice vacation, super sanitary facilities, excellent tap drinking water, friendly campsite staff. We'll be back in Slatina next year. Kind regards Petter Otte

Peter Otte, Germany, 22.8.2006.

Hi Michaela, I read your post about drinking water. For many years, we are going to campsite Slatina. Drinking water is great. We always drink it and never had any problems. It ‘s also delicious. Enjoy! I envy you, we left on 20th August. Have a nice holiday

Dagmar, Germany, 7.7.2006.

Hi camp Slatina, we’re coming 22nd July 2006. One question, can we drink the water without any hesitation or is it better to buy mouthwash as in Spain.

Michael, Germany, 6.7.2006.

Hi, again we’ve spent a great holiday at campsite Slatina, unfortunately the weather was not the best, but because of that we’ll return again in August! Many greetings to the friendly staff at campsite Slatina, especially to the lady with beautiful necklace

Dagmar und Hubert, Germany, 13.6.2006.

Camp Slatina - my favorite camp for 5 years! I hope that this year will come as soon as possible!

Veronica Bedin, Italy, 9.6.2006.

Camp Slatina for me is number one in Croatia

Peter, Germany, 1.3.2006.

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